World’s newest electric Supercar is Lighter than a Mazda Miata

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With the Tesla Roadster consistently postponed, other electric supercar producers are getting everyone’s attention. Client conveyances for the Rimac Nevera are relied upon to begin before the current year’s over, yet the creation form of the Tesla Roadster actually hasn’t been uncovered. As indicated by Elon Musk, the Tesla Roadster has been deferred until something like 2023. Furthermore, presently there’s another new electric supercar not too far off from India.

It’s known as the Ekonk, another electric supercar being developed by Vazirani Automotive. On the off chance that the organization sounds natural, Vazirani uncovered the Shul idea, India’s very first supercar, at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

However, though the Shul was a turbine-electric supercar intended to burn fuel, the Ekonk is completely electric. Since uncovering the Shul, Vazirani has been chipping away at special battery innovation that makes electric vehicles lighter and more secure while expanding the reach. To exhibit the innovation, the Ekonk is fueled by two electric engines producing a consolidated 722 torque. Vazirani claims the Ekonk is “India’s quickest electric supercar,” yet no presentation specs have been uncovered.

Balancing the heaviness of electric engines and batteries is perhaps the greatest test supercar makers face while advancing the presentation, yet Vazirani says the Ekonk weighs just 1,627 pounds.

This outcomes in a close ideal coordinated ability to weight proportion, so it ought to be a delight to drive. To place this into viewpoint, the Ekonk weighs around 700 pounds not exactly a Mazda MX-5 Miata, which is stunningly light for an electric vehicle. To save however much weight as could reasonably be expected and accomplish this apparently madly light figure, the Ekonk will appear as a solitary seater track vehicle, so travelers will not have the option to tag along.

A secret picture features the Ekonk’s back profile, swelling bumpers, and dainty taillight strips. We’ll ideally discover Vazirani’s confidential to making electric vehicles lighter when the Ekonk is uncovered in the not so distant future.

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