Will Debut at Geneva Motor Show 2020: Skoda Teases Octavia RS iV

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For over 45 years, the RS letter blend has been the vehicle to purchase for Skoda fans. Notwithstanding its relationship with effective race autos, for example, the incredible 130 RS, it has graced the sportiest renditions of the Czech vehicle producer’s creation models since the year 2000. At last, the organization is good to go to start an all new section in RS history as it intends to present its first RS model with a module half and half powertrain – twenty years after the presentation of the first Octavia RS sport vehicle.

The organization prodded an image of the vehicle that will make its worldwide debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. The historical backdrop of the RS letter mix returns to 1974, when the producer previously utilized it as a shorthand for ‘Rally Sport’ in the model assignments of the 180 RS and 200 RS rally models worked at the time.

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Skoda Octavia RS iV to be debut at 2020 Geneva Motor Show

The Skoda Octavia RS was presented in the year 2000 when the organization entered the World Rally Championship. From that point on, the RS moniker recognizes a model arrangement’s exhibition variation. Propelled twenty years back, the Skoda Octavia RS is the main model got a 1.8-liter turbo motor creating 177 bhp. With more than 87,800 vehicles moving off the creation line, the Octavia RS hits the general generation sign of 100,000 vehicles before its subsequent age finds some conclusion.

In Germany, Britain and Switzerland, the RS models accomplished a portion of more than 20 percent of offers inside the Octavia model arrangement. Generally speaking creation figures for the third-age Octavia RS check in at 172,000 units. The Octavia RS iV will be uncovered at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show and we will find out about the vehicle at that point. In this way, stay tuned!

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