Volkswagen teases ID Buzz GTX, long-wheelbase variant teased

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Volkswagen has released details on the future ID models. Buzz Electric Van, with the first teasers to be released for the ID Buzz GTX performance model, along with an extended wheelbase model, as well as an early look at the seven-seat configuration of the ID with a short wheelbase Buzz.

Volkswagen has not posted teasers of these on its media website. They were however part of a presentation made for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) to present to investors. Although we were aware that the Buzz GTX was in development, the Buzz GTX was being developed however, this is the only moment to see an official teaser trailer for the more powerful version.

Even though it’s a very brief view of the wheel it’s a stunning steering wheel nevertheless. The red stitching holds the leather in place the rim. There’s also an insert of red at the top spokes and the GTX badge. There aren’t any more images or details about the ID. Buzz GTX is mentioned in the presentation, however it’s likely that the model that has the best performance will be equipped with two motors AWD powertrain, similar to those used in ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX.

The two motors generate the equivalent of 295 horsepower (220 Kilowatts) from system energy and 339 pounds (460 Newton meters) in system torque. This 150-kW (201-hp) rear motor, and the motor that has the 80-watt (107-horsepower) front motor, are powered by batteries that are the 77 kWh that gives a combined WLTP in the range of 318 miles (500 kilometers) for the ID.4 GTX and 318 miles (512 kilometers) for the ID.5 GTX. In relation to dual motor powertrains VWCV declares that the longer wheelbase will be the one that is ID on its document.

Buzz will get all-wheel drive but without giving further details. It could be an indication of ID. Buzz LWB will get the engine that has 261 horsepower of ID.4 Pro 4Motion. ID.4 Pro 4Motion is sold in Europe, and the 295-hp engine of the ID. Buzz GTX. The model with a wheelbase that is long is expected to be the biggest battery to be used on the MEB. MEB platform, with capacity of 111 Kilowatts.

From the standpoint in terms of dimensions, the picture shows the identification. Buzz LWB is expected to be bigger than the standard model by about the same amount in the back of the overhang that should provide ample space in the rear for baggage and passengers. The final presentation focuses on the seating arrangement that includes seven seats that are part of the standard ID.

The arrangement is as you’d expect. Two seats to be separated on the front row. There’s also a the bench seat which can hold three in the 2nd row and seats that fold in the third row. There’s not a lot of room available in the luggage space. It’s not an issue with the Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB should solve that problem by providing a suitable length trunk that can accommodate seven seats. It’s important to remember that these teaser images are models that are designed for Europe.

US market will be given Long-wheelbase identification. Buzz is scheduled to arrive in 2024. But, Buzz will not have access to the short-wheelbase model, nor the ID. Buzz Cargo.

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