Toyota reveals bZ Sport Crossover, bZ Flexspace EVs in Shanghai

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At the current Shanghai Motor Show, Toyota unveiled two bZ born EV ideas as a sneak peek at an impending extension of its global bZ EV lineup, which already includes well-known vehicles like the bZ4X crossover and the bZ3 sedan. Toyota aims to sell 10 electric vehicles in China by 2026, and the pair are the first of those to arrive.

The more notable of the two is the garishly painted bZ Sports Crossover, a svelte, high-riding four-door coupe that appears to be developing into a performance-oriented brother of the future bZ3X crossover, which was before glimpsed as the bZ compact crossover.

Toyota has not provided any information regarding what is housed beneath the “active and distinctive” bodyshell, but given that it is being developed in collaboration with the Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), which manufactures the Toyota bZ4X for China, it is quite likely to share the same e-TNGA design. For its new bZ3 sedan, Toyota has used battery technology from BYD, a different Chinese firm, although it hasn’t yet revealed what other vehicles will result from this partnership.

The bZ Flexspace concept, meanwhile, gives a sneak peek at a brand-new midsize SUV that will be positioned above the bZ4X. It is focused on families who seek an EV SUV with a “reliable cruising range” and is big and upright. There are few details, but it has the new Toyota hammerhead front end and a cockpit that resembles the most recent bZ production cars, complete with an unusual steering wheel. Toyota has not confirmed if there is capacity for a third row of seats in the back, but claims that the Flexspace’s top focus is to create a “cosy home” setting that is simple to live in on a daily basis.

Toyota did debut the bZ4X in India at the 2023 Auto Expo, but the company has been mum for the time being regarding its EV intentions. However, we can confirm that a Toyota counterpart will also be produced as part of the Maruti Suzuki eVX concept that was unveiled earlier this year. Both of these newly developed EV SUVs will be produced in Gujarat and have a 2,700mm wheelbase. The Toyota EV SUV designed specifically for India and its Maruti counterpart are anticipated to debut in 2025.

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