The things that interest about Toyota Supra

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The Toyota Supra has always been a car that attracted supercar enthusiasts a lot. There have been a lot of facts that attract a lot. Coming to the way it looks then surely this beast attracts a lot of attention that’s something which is very difficult to deny. Aerodynamically, it’s a great car and that’s what let the performance to be just insane as you will surely laugh out Loud driving the car. There is one thing that interests and that’s the inline six cylinders motor that has a capacity of 3-liters and has a horsepower or nearly 455 BHP which sounds quite fast. You do even get a drift mode that’s decreases horsepower at the rear wheel and drifting get’s fun. Drifting is of course an enthusiast’s thing more than regular day driving so Toyota decided that why not offer a drift and that worked well. Interior is an inspirational thing from the BMW Z4 as this was something that was made in collaboration with BMW. There might pe people thinking if it can be a great everyday supercar then surely it can be if boot space is ignored. Fuel efficiency is decent as per supercar standards as it delivers 8 Kilometres per liter. As per the collaboration, it’s actually a BMW Z4 in the Toyota avatar which might not be interesting but a sports car by Toyota would be surely interesting. Toyota should seriously consider a Supra GR for the Indian market instead of focusing on rebadged products as this will show an evolution.
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Abhiraj Jit Singh Gandhi is a crazy Car and bike enthusiast who just love writing anything that sounds interesting on the wheels. His passion for Automobiles led to establishment of his website called where he is just himself.
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