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Tata Sierra EV to get 5 seater bench, 4 seaters ‘lounge’ layouts

Even the moss-like design on the dashboard, which was also on the original 2020 Sierra concept, will be available as an accessory.

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Tata Motors may have had the most interesting booth at Auto Expo 2023. They showed off a wide range of ICE and electric cars that will be made in the future. The Sierra EV, Harrier EV, and Curvv ICE concepts all wowed the crowd at the Auto Expo, but the Sierra EV’s interior may have been the most interesting.

In the lounge version, the two back seats will be wider and further back, giving a lot more legroom. They will also be able to slide forward and backward, giving passengers and cargo more room to move around. Like a business class seat on an aeroplane, the seats will have a deep curve and a leg rest or ottoman that can be extended. Uhlarik said, “Think of this as the business class version.”

He also said, “This could also be a place to work. Many of these cars will have chauffeurs, so the people sitting in the back could also be working. So, all of these use cases need to be taken into account when designing.” In this way, customers can choose things like fold-out tray tables, fold-down arm rests, rear seat entertainment screens, phone chargers, and a number of other ways to connect.

Uhlarik says that all of the Sierra show car’s lights and decorations, which added to the lounge-like atmosphere, will be made into real cars. Artificial plants that fit in the vases on the rear door arm rests will be sold as an accessory, or the space could be used as a small storage space instead. The unique interior ambient lights on the C-Pillar will also be made, and they will be sold as an accessory.

Even the moss-like design on the dashboard, which was also on the original 2020 Sierra concept, will be available as an accessory. Customers can also choose from a number of other materials to decorate this area. “These are just finishing touches that make it feel more like home. Uhlarik said, “It’s a place where you’d want to spend time.”

It’s important to remember that customization will always raise prices, so Tata’s new cars will be priced a little higher than the ones it already sells. But that fits with what the market is doing.

Shailesh Chandra, the managing director of Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, told in an interview that the core of the market is slowly moving from the sub-4m category to the plus-4m category. Because of this, there is a sense within the brand that it wants to attract wealthier customers, which is why this level of customization adds more value.

Chandra said, “The company wants to sell things at a range of prices.” We are heading up, and our average prices are also going up. We have built up a good customer base, and we want to give Nexon users an alternative way to upgrade by making games like Sierra, Harrier, and Avinya.

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