Simple One Electric Scooter to launch on May 23

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According to Simple Energy, the One electric scooter will be on sale for the first time on May 23. The company earlier unveiled the scooter and disclosed a price, but after that, there was silence regarding the start of delivery.

While this was going on, a number of reports of online electric scooter fires (caused by thermal runaways) prompted the government to crack down on the producers and distributors of rebadged Chinese electric scooters. The Automotive Industry Standards (AIS) modification 3 was subsequently introduced, improving battery safety. In order to meet with the new standards, Simple Energy had previously stated that it will accelerate the launch of the One electric scooter.

Some of its strengths include the performance, handling, and sharp design. The scooter’s 8.5kW motor generated 72Nm of torque. Its claimed range of 236km is greater than that of any other scooter offered for sale in India because to its 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery capacity.

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