Nissan electric sportscar concept to debut tomorrow

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Nissan has said that on February 2, it will show a new sports car concept. The concept car is expected to be the real-world version of the Max-Out design study, which was shown off in December 2021. It will be electric and focus on zero-emission mobility.

Based on a preview of the broadcast on the company’s official YouTube channel, the shape of the concept looks a lot like the Max-Out concept, which was only available online. This means that Nissan has turned the concept that was shown in 2021 into a real car. Making a real-world version of the Max-Out shows that the brand is still committed to driver-focused sports cars, even as it moves toward electric cars.

The concert sportscar is likely to have the same interior as the Max-Out. Previous images have shown a simple layout with a squared-off steering wheel and a display screen across the dashboard. Nissan says that you can fold the passenger seat into the floor to make even more room.

The Japanese company said before that the design study would give drivers a “new driving experience” with its “superior stability and comfort,” “tight handling,” and “low body roll.” Solid-state battery technology, which will be used in the company’s electric cars starting in 2028, will give the concept these features.

Nissan’s senior vice-president for research and development in Europe, David Moss, said, “The solid-state batteries could accept three times the 130kW charge rate of the lithium-ion pack in the Nissan Ariya.” So, these charger speeds could make it possible for Nissan to reduce the size and weight of a car’s battery pack without making it less usable than current models. This would be a huge boost to performance and handling.

Nissan will spend an additional €15.6 billion (Rs 1.38 lakh crore) over the next five years to develop electric vehicles (EVs). This is on top of the €7.8 billion (Rs 69,000 crore) it has already spent on this. The Max-Out is the most sporty car in a line of “-Out” cars that hint at Nissan’s next generation of electric vehicles. The Chill-Out crossover, the Surf-Out pickup, and the Hang-Out MPV make up the rest of the lineup.

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