Mercedes-Benz GLC Facelift 2020: Review


Mercedes-Benz supporters anticipated a vehicle from the organization’s steady to take on the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3, however they needed to hold up till 2016 to get it. Since, that is the point at which the organization initially drew out the GLC, a vehicle dependent on the C-Class, yet the DNA of a Mercedes-Benz SUV. At the point when India got a bit of this, the purchasers lapped it up and back when we drove it three years go, we revealed to you that it was a genuine contender for both the Q5 and the X3. In the present situation however, a great deal has changed. BMW has acquired the new-gen X3 to India and Audi too refreshed the Q5 with a facelift, thus, indeed, the Mercedes-Benz GLC was losing ground to both these contenders. Be that as it may, an update was consistently on the cards and it’s at last here.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC facelift was propelled path after the update to the Q5 and the new-gen X3 hit the Indian market, so there was adequate measure of time that the organization got the chance to ensure that whatever update the GLC got made it a solid contender as well as an impressive one as well.

Outside :

On the looks front, a ton’s changed. It gets another front grille, new headlamps, signature LED DRLs (which look very like the ones on the GLB), new guards and a decent portion of chrome as well. There are two or three strong lines on the cap however in all honesty, there’s no indication of hostility anyplace. The plan is basic and it’s particularly intentional. Mercedes-Benz doesn’t need you to imagine that it’s a games vehicle, since it isn’t. The objective was to draw out a vehicle that is rich, useful regarding space, and obviously better than average as far as execution.

While we’ll speak in insight regarding the other two later, Mercedes-Benz has adhered to the brief and drew out a vehicle that looks downplayed and exquisite. So you won’t give the GLC a subsequent look, yet there’s zero chance you’ll miss seeing one of every a group. The side stays indistinguishable from the forerunner and there are 19-inch light amalgam wheels in sparkle dark and high-sheen finish which truly look great. The aluminum-look running sheets as an afterthought are mounted at the tallness of the side skirts and this makes entrance and departure a simple procedure.

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Mercedes benz GLC facelift

There’s chrome as an afterthought as well and that adds to the exceptional touch. The back too looks straightforward, yet gets new LED tail lights which are like the ones we see on the GLS. In general, Mercedes-Benz has done a considerable amount to give it that tough look of a rough terrain SUV, and to a degree it has had the option to pull it off.

Inside :

While the progressions outwardly may be constrained, there are broad changes made to the lodge of the 2019 GLC, however it’s an extremely recognizable spot to be. The streaming focus comfort stays as seems to be, yet it presently gets a dark colored open pore pecan wood trim and not at all like the prior one which had a reflexive completion to it, the new GLC gets a wood completed one; which really looks progressively rich. There’s another controlling haggle course, the most perceptible change is the 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment framework. Truly, I just said touchscreen! Presently, it’s littler in size to the ones on the E-Class, GLE, however it is similarly as instinctive.

The framework causes you rapidly to explore through all the menu choices and if that was insufficient, Mercedes-Benz gives you a haptic touchpad, which one can use to peruse through the menus. We are no more unusual to this tech despite everything it brings about the ideal result. The vehicle that we got accompanied beige upholstery and this truly gives you a feeling of room inside the vehicle. Obviously, it’s in vogue and thusly includes like surrounding lighting (which has 64 shading blends to offer) and remote telephone charging as well. Taking into account that a large portion of the purchasers of the GLC will need to be driven in it, back space turns into a significant viewpoint. There’s great measure of room at the back and the etched front seats add to that understanding. There’s great knee room on offer and good measure of headroom as well. It can situate three individuals at the back and for two individuals it’s very sumptuous.

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Mercedes Benz GLC facelift interior

Notwithstanding, what it passes up is controls to the media, so unfortunately, you can’t change the radio channel or flip to your main tune, without upsetting the driver or the co-traveler. There are however, 3 charging alternatives at the back now and this incorporates, two C-Type chargers and one 12 volt charging point. Here as well, we wished there were USBs thinking about how all inclusive they are the extent that usefulness is concerned. There was, obviously, one worry that we had with the GLC last time around and that was the boot space on offer. You needed to pick, between conveying an extra tire or having space for your sacks. Mercede-Benz doesn’t give you that decision any longer.

The organization has chipped away at this objection and now offers 930 liters of bootspace which is extendable to 1558 liters with the subsequent line down. The lodge of the new GLC then is may noteworthy, yet it doesn’t stop there. The GLC is the primary vehicle to accompany an implanted sim making it an associated vehicle obviously and the first in quite a while classification in India. Mercedes-Benz considers it the MBUX and it changes the manner in which you currently take a gander at the GLC.

How Effective Is The MBUX System :

It’s not our first break with an associated vehicle now. We have the Hector, Venue and even the Kia Seltos in the nation, so we have a grip of what every one of the one can do. Be that as it may, how unique is the MBUX contrasted with the frameworks we’ve seen? All things considered, not all that extraordinary. Because of that installed sim you have network in a hurry and truly, you can do stuff remotely, such as locking your vehicle, any place it might be. You likewise get a speed ready framework and furthermore vehicle tracker, to disclose to you the vehicle’s area. This is accessible on the Mercedes me App and there are different capacities accessible here.

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MBUX system in Mercedes

In any case, the best part in the midst of this all is the menial helper that you actuate by trying to say ‘Hello Mercedes’ or ‘Greetings Mercedes’. I needed to attempt it so I posed an oftentimes asked inquiry. “Hello Mercedes, I am ravenous” and the reaction came promptly giving me every one of the eateries around the region. Presently, the way that the AI can acknowledge eager as a watchword was amazing. The associate and comprehend 32 dialects, tragically Hindi isn’t one of them, however it understands complements and did very well to react to any order I gave it. Truth be told I even felt free to ask it “Hello Mercedes, make me a wisecrack” and the quick reaction was “Sorry I can’t do that, My designers were German” and I really wanted to blast out snickering. It’s virtuoso, would it say it isn’t?

While there are only two reactions that actuate to this ‘joke’ order, it’s very enough to make the vehicle progressively human and intuitive at that. Plainly Mercedes-Benz has had the option to accomplish that. In any case, the noteworthy part here is that the organization’s group in India has assumed a major job in the advancement of MBUX and the way that we will see this innovation in all Mercedes-Benz autos, just demonstrates how significant the organization’s R&D office in Bengaluru is. It is really fundamental to everything that Mercedes-Benz is doing all around.

What’s It Like To Drive? :

Mercedes-Benz has discarded the 2.1-liter diesel which was presented in the GLC. Presently it gets a 2-liter, 4 cyclinder turbo unit which is all the more dominant and furthermore BS6 consistent. 191 bhp on offer and that is 23 bhp more than previously. There’s 400 Nm of torque which kicks in really early and gives you that extra pushed right from the word go. 0-100 kmph is done in 7.9 seconds which is amazing for a vehicle that weighs over 2.5 tons.

Image result for images of 2020 mercedes benz glc facelift MBUX system
2020 Mercedes Benz GLC facelift

Nourishing the ability to each of the four wheels is the 9-G tronic transmission that ensures that the dull minutes, similar to slack are not part of the drive and the movements are consistent, which just makes things far and away superior. The guiding also is all around weighed once the GLC gets a move on yet attempt and toss it into a corner and there’s clear body roll. The suspension also is on the stiffer side than previously and well, that works in support of you, since it rides like a fantasy. Every one of the undulations, potholes out and about are simply leveled out by the GLC. There’s a sharp kick back on some enormous potholes however nothing to shake the travelers inside. It’s going great honestly.

Mind you this isn’t a versatile suspension, yet the GLC still figures out how to achieve wrinkle out everything without exception Indian streets may bring to the table. The ground leeway also improves things since you ride higher and have a decent feeling of the street ahead. Truth be told it is an amazingly skilled mile muncher and can do crosscountry without a doubt. The motor is quiet and nothing gets into the lodge, which again is a major improvement over the past vehicle. There’s obviously the oil alternative accessible too however we didn’t get the chance to drive. Before long ideally!

Cost :

Given what all it brings to the table, the GLC diesel begins at ₹ 57.75 lakh (ex-showroom India) while the oil is valued at ₹ 52.75 lakh. Contrasting the diesel model costs with its rivals, the Q5 and the X3, the GLC is progressively costly. It is about ₹ 7 lakh increasingly costly (contingent upon variations) than the Q5 and ₹ 1 Lakh more costly than the X3 (contingent upon variations).

It’s fascinating however how firmly both the diesels of the X3 and the GLC are evaluated, yet the GLC has more on offer. The MBUX framework places it in an alternate group by and large, making it a ‘brilliant’ vehicle (a word that is inclining each and every day) and something that a great deal of purchasers want. Mercedes at that point, has ticked all the privilege boxes; it’s incredible, tech loaded, include rich and a treat to drive in the city and even parkways.

Without a doubt, it has a couple of unpleasant edges; yet obviously Mercedes-Benz India have had the option to recognize the large issue zones, take a shot at it and improve it. The GLC at that point is a major jump from what it was and in this way now a genuine contender in the section.

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