Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R


It is dedicated ‘the Beast of Green Hell’ for lapping the famous Nurburging in an amazing 7:10.92 seconds. It was the quickest vehicle around the ‘Ring at that point and still keeps up a ninth situation on the pioneer board. A replacement to the notorious SLS, this is the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R. What’s more, the refreshed variant is propelled in India at a cost of Rs 2.48 crore (ex-showroom). Let us plunge further and investigate what makes the GT R the mammoth that it is.


Sitting under its long hood is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 punching out 577bhp and a winding power of 700Nm. This ‘hot V8’ engine has substantiated itself in its long queue of obligation and now controls nearly the whole AMG line-up. The turbo support is siphoned up to 1.35 bar over 1.2 bar in the standard AMG GT and the pressure proportion is upgraded too. Obviously, there are the mind boggling motor control gadgets too which keeps a chain on all the 577 ponies.

For cooling obligations, AMG utilizes backhanded air-to-water intercooling with isolated two-phase water circuit. Additionally, the exact piezo injectors can splash the fuel at high weight of up to 200 bar. Mercedes additionally utilizes Nanoslide covering on the aluminum crankcase which is sourced from their Formula 1 group. Adjusting the pack is AMG execution exhaust which loans the GT R its vibrant and guttural snarl.

Also, since this is an AMG, every motor is worked at Affalterbach on the ‘One Man – One Engine’ reasoning.


The crude force is sent to raise wheels directed through a seven-speed double grasp transmission. This gearbox is designed in the transaxle and the adjusted equipment/programming is tuned for a circuit, guarantees the carmaker. The primary apparatus in this AMG Speedshift DCT transmission has a more drawn out proportion, while seventh rigging and the last drive have shorter proportions to permit an increasingly lithe quickening.


With the motor sitting between the front pivot and the driver, the AMG GT R gets a large group of gear to keep the driver from winding up in hindrances after somewhat eager driving. This extensive rundown of equipment incorporates four-wheel guiding for better dexterity, three-phase versatile damper settings, AMG-spec loop over suspension, electronically controlled back pivot locking differential, speed-delicate directing, and elite brakes. Likewise some portion of the bundle is AMG’s Traction Control framework which is gotten from the GT3 race vehicle.

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