Maserati India to launch two new models this year

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With regards to sports vehicle brands in India, you’d be excused on the off chance that Maserati was not preeminent at the forefront of your thoughts. The Italian marque has had a peaceful spell here with only two vendors and, obviously, its worldwide models that are very quite old.

In any case, as we probably are aware, that is all changing with the brand’s worldwide restoration that incorporates a whirlwind of all-new models just as new tech like crossovers and all electrics. In India, the organization had additionally intended to involve the new reach as a stage to extend its impression. That, nonetheless, is probably going to go sluggish or be waiting for the present; yet the new model send-offs, then again, are certainly booked to show up in India this year.

At a new media round table, reacting to an inquiry from Autocar India, Davide Kluzer, Maserati International Media Relations administrator, said, “Maserati will stay an interesting and select brand thus the development [in dealerships] will be restricted.” This is very reasonable given that the COVID-19 pandemic and the chip lack will almost certainly be a restricting element in getting vehicles apportioned for India, hence precluding an organization extension.

Nonetheless, 2021 was a decent year for Maserati, and keeping in mind that the organization has not revealed marketing projections, it says its business through the current organization is truly steady and promising. The organization likewise expresses that its client base is extremely enthusiastic and faithful and, along these lines, while the organization may not grow quickly, there will be a few activity with new models showing up in India this year.

Levante Hybrid

The as of late disclosed Levante Hybrid will be the first of the new vehicles to show up. Maserati India has begun tolerating appointments for the SUV and the send off is planned for the second quarter of this current year.

Power for the Levante Hybrid comes from a 2.0-liter 4-chamber petroleum motor that is helped by a 48V Belt Starter Generator (BSG) cross breed framework. The motor additionally includes a turbocharger alongside an electrically determined promoter (e-supporter). Maserati claims the Levante Hybrid has a maximum velocity of more than 240 kph and a 0-100 kph season of around 6 seconds, which it says is like 3.0-liter V6 petroleum Levante that is presently discounted in India.


Fanatics of the brand’s games vehicles can likewise cheer as Maserati has affirmed that its new lead supercar, the MC20, will show up in Q3 this year. The organization had as of now opened up to the world about its purpose to carry the MC20 to India, however had up to this point not made tentative plans for a time period. Other than the way that the MC20 is an all-new supercar coming after years, the feature is additionally the way that it is the brand’s first vehicle in north of 20 years to include an in-house created motor.


The brand’s yet-to-be-delivered Grecale SUV is additionally on the cards for India, however on account of the semiconductor lack, the worldwide send off was delayed from November last year to at some point early this year. Also, since LHD markets will begin first and, for the time being, RHD markets are open, the India send off will slip further from what might have been for the current year. The Grecale will sit beneath the Levante SUV and will likewise have an all-electric form.

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