Some state it would seem that the Mahindra TUV 300, some are considering it a Bajaj Qute copy. In any case, vilifying remarks aside, what is important most? Will the new Maruti Suzuki S-Presso have the option to enable the vehicle to advertise pioneer return into volumes stratosphere and lift a section that has seen deals recoil by more than 50 percent? Peruse on to discover of the new Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has the merchandise or not. Kingshuk and I are driving the new S-Presso from Jodhpur to Khimsar, and back. We get the opportunity to test the S-Presso in its manual and AGS or AMT (computerized manual transmission) variations. We started with the manual VXI+ (the top variation), wearing another shading – Pearl Starry Blue.

The S-Presso is the thing that group Maruti calls a small scale SUV, so we will humor them and do likewise. It is basically a passage bring forth that will contend with the Renault Kwid – the vehicle that brought space, provocativeness and SUV style to the section vehicle portion in any case. What’s more, the Kwid is the explanation Maruti has gone toward this path as well.

So it is anything but a colossal astonishment that it looks the manner in which it does. The S-Presso wants to enhance Maruti’s portfolio at the section, volumes side of things. The new vehicle basically possesses the sort of situating the past Wagon-R used to. Tall, slender, and evaluated alluringly. That old Wagon-R purchaser was not really content with the greater new gen Wagon R thus may love the S-Presso. Thus it additionally sits between the Alto K10 and Celerio in that sense. At between ₹ 3.69 and 4.91 lakhs – the vehicle is likewise extraordinary worth. Or on the other hand is it? That is the thing that I mean to discover.

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Maruti Suzuki S Presso

Structure and styling:

Give me a chance to be obtuse. The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is an ugly vehicle. It has a few bits that you may like, yet it looks dated, rustic, unrefined and exhausting. Truth be told to be straightforward the structure seems as though it stays inadequate; as though the planners went to lunch and never returned to finish the vehicle! Or on the other hand well, I should state went to get an espresso, given the name! Discussing which – directly from the dispatch, to the item drive – Maruti Suzuki never made one reference to espresso.

They could have served us some coffee produced using various assortments of espresso beans, or even simply gave out espresso seasoned chocolates, or beans plunged in a few. Less difficult still, offer the vehicle in a shade of rich Robusta dark colored. After every single numerous Suv are offered in dark colored – that got very well known, and would have been a decent associate for the vehicle to be viewed as one. Be that as it may, nope – not even once did they notice espresso. Or maybe abnormal, that. Goodness well, back to the audit.

So ‘Vehicle Design Of The Year’ it isn’t. The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is worked to an expense, and lamentably that shows. immediately. Just as far as the roughness of the plan. It looks incomplete. It doesn’t look like something from 2019. Furthermore, to me, that is its greatest shortcoming. The vehicle has been given enormous squarish wheel curves with misrepresented stature, causing a monstrous hole between the haggle rest of the body. It’s attempting to resemble a SUV, but the square shape makes the wheel look littler than it really is.

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2019 Maruti S Presso

What’s more, it is a little wheel regardless: 13 inch wheels on the standard vehicle, 14 inch on the VXI+. You can get compound wheels by paying extra – no variation comes them standard. The wheel well itself is additionally inadequate with regards to any cladding, thus looks unrefined and incomplete. The vehicle’s sides additionally have loads of metal spread trying to look enormous, and that looks plain. I need to state the vehicle really looks more pleasant in red, since a portion of the lines in that metal appear somewhat more pleasant. In a portion of different hues like the orange, everything looks exceptionally level. It implies a ton of feeling of room however. The enormous nursery additionally gives bunches of light, and causes the lodge to show up extremely vaporous and large. In any case, it’s only a truly plain and exhausting plan generally. There’s a touch of dramatization in the face with the grille and the headlamp group, however truly very little. The guards are extremely tall, and that metal additionally looks odd.

You can get the discretionary daytime running lights – not standard on any variation – to break the dullness of the enormous guards, yet they cost ₹ 10,000. However, the main beneficial thing is that even the person purchasing the base variation can get that. The guard is two-tone, and you can likewise get a discretionary slip plate in an aluminum shading to make it look progressively butch. The vehicle looks particularly tight and plain from the back, and a chunkier, more extensive guard would have helped spare that Bajaj Qute-like backside. Still it gives you an astounding measure of boot space at 240 liters (with the bundle plate up) and 270 liters (without the package plate). There is no variation badging for trim or even AMT, and ground freedom is 180 mm.

Customisation will be key for the S-Presso, as we have seen on the Renault Kwid – the vehicle it is truly following in any case. Most Kwid purchasers do get a few extras, and with the S-Presso too there are numerous accessible – including two body units (Energetic and Expedition). This adds some pizazz and shading to the dull structure – notwithstanding offering you side embellishment to reprieve that metal repetitiveness. So it is anything but a pretty vehicle, however those looks start to develop on you. Furthermore, it won’t make any difference my opinion of the looks, on the grounds that – for a great deal of purchasers moving from an Alto 800 or even an Alto K10, this is a tremendous advance up – metaphorically and truly.

The unavoidable issue is about how this little vehicle is to drive. Well I need to disclose to you we had extremely low desires, given what it looks like, and furthermore how this finish of the market works. Be that as it may, two things gave me trust; one – the new guidelines for accident and wellbeing, and two – the conspicuous need to pursue the Renault Kwid’s prosperity and benchmarks. Having invested energy driving the manual, the vehicle truly makes up for itself. The absolute first thing you notice immediately is the ride quality, which is in reality truly supple, in spite of the way that it sits on thin tires. It likewise gets up to significantly increase digit speeds moderately effectively, and keeps up its self-control and generally speaking trustworthiness.

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Maruti Suzuki S Presso interior

In a rapid circumstance however is the point at which the vehicle’s body move likewise gets increasingly articulated. The high seating position anyway is in reality truly great, and drives home that SUV trademark capably. The directing is the other thing that will astonish you. Passing by how different Marutis have been – kind of shaky, delicate, the S-Presso has a pleasant guiding. I won’t state it’s exceptionally firm, however yes it’s wonderful as far as its reaction and execution.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t generally return to focus effectively – which can be vexing as far as knowing what direction the wheels are pointing. The guiding is little, and the point at which it is fixed (it isn’t stature or arrive at customizable) disturbs me. While it is fine for city driving, or shorter separations, over long adventures, that edge will make you upper arms tire out, as you need to hold your arms up to utilize the directing in the right way.

The K10B motor is natural and carries out the responsibility well then on this vehicle. The motor puts out 67 bhp and 90 Nm of pinnacle torque. It’s somewhat boisterous however and sound damping could’ve been much better – particularly from the motor inlet. As far as wind clamor or even street commotion, the vehicle does entirely well, however it is that motor clamor that will begin to truly grind on your nerves. As that is another huge negative tragically. The gearbox is entirely lenient however, and you won’t require a lot of incessant rigging changing in city traffic. The AMT is likewise sensibly smooth, and will do what an AMT is intended to. Maruti’s AGS has made considerable progress, thus this is most likely the best it will get. Asserted mileage on the S-Presso is 21.7 kmpl.

Consider the vehicle weighs just 726 kgs and you can comprehend why the S-Presso does satisfy being a Maruti – light, fast, zippy and truly responsive. The dependability and self-control of activity originates from another ‘heartect kei’ stage from Japan that is unquestionably better than the past Wagon R or Alto family. So it remains really steady, has conventional measure of undercarriage uprightness, however as I said previously, body roll is enormous. Braking is on point and there is no shiver or loss of control notwithstanding when braking hard. However the general drive experience is – hang tight for it – more refined than you’d expect when you see the vehicle just because. I would prescribe this as an unadulterated city vehicle still, and not an interstate cruiser.


The S-Presso meets fundamental front accident standards ensured at 56 kmph, and has ABS and a driver airbag as standard. Every variation has an ‘O’ or choice, which gets you double airbags and safety belts with pretensioners. The last ought to be standard in my view. Everything is standard on the VXI+ obviously.


In the wake of seeing the outside, you might not have immense desires for the lodge itself. In any case, I need to state – at any rate as far as structure creative mind, you see something that you have never observed from Maruti. Altogether different format for the run, with some new components and shapes – particularly the focal support and the AC vents mounted above it. The round component in the focal comfort is an undeniable lift from MINI plan. In general the run isn’t as plasticky as I had dreaded it may be, however a few surfaces, similar to the little rack before the traveler could have been done in delicate touch material, to abstain from having things you keep there from bobbing around uproariously.

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S Presso Interior

Setting the instrument bunch on the focal reassure, and the front power window switches additionally mostly down it is an undeniable cost sparing measure. Having the Kwid-roused computerized group in the center isn’t very diverting since this is a minor vehicle, yet yes I would have favored in behind the guiding wheel without a doubt. Having it here, will take into consideration left-hand drive models to be made at lower cost, for fares. Maruti has plans to send out the vehicle to Latin America, Africa and different pieces of Asia. No back power windows even as an alternative on the top-end rendition, which is somewhat astonishing. However, this is a vehicle that is intended to a specific expense as I have been stating.

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