Mahindra highest ever sale: Scorpio, XUV7000, and Bolero

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Mahindra, the prestigious automobile company, has achieved the highest sell record around 64,486 vehicles. The demographic reveals that it achieves 129 growth. This record brings them to the number one position in the SUV market with 34,262 UV sales in September month.

Sales of Mahindra variants in September 2022

The pioneer in auto giant, Mahindra and Mahindra becomes more productive in September month 2022. At the current time, it is remarked as the UV maker and offers the driving performance accordingly. After all, you find a big difference in the previous year selling cars in September 2022 rather than the previous year.

All time, this company does not make a solid declaration for the selling of cars and vans. Among the presence of 271 units, 246 units are online in the selling range. In past years, the sales record drops around percent. Collection of the information related to the passenger, it enforces to 34,058 and acceleration in units. In previous years, the consumer experienced a 25 percent growth YOY. After adding up more, Mahindra YTD sales experience 81 percent growth YOY.

Scene of Mahindra sale in September 2022

Veejay Nakra, president of, the automotive division, M&M reveals the fact that September month waste quite exciting with the great start of the festive session. At this time, there is a massive demand for our product and its suspected performance. Here, the consumer has the credibility to buy SUVs, and LCVs in less than 3.5 tons and find the benefits of the alike mile mobility brand. We are proud to inform this statement that our SUV has achieved the highest sale of 34262 vehicles and the highest ever volume of 64, 486 vehicles for September month.

Domestic sale of Mahindra in September 2022

Mahindra LCV holds the counting of 4452 units in September 2022 in comparison to 1525 units last year. In this way, Mahindra has a proven record of 192 percent growth in the YOY segment. In addition to this, the company sells the LCV in the bracket with 2T – 3.5 T. The sales account reached 16413 units in September 2022 and 126 percent growth.

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