Lamborghini produces its 10,000th Aventador


The Lamborghini Aventador came into this world right back in 2011 as the replacement to the famous Murcielago. The Aventador has now arrived at a significant achievement as it approaches 10 years underway. With Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata office having revealed the 10,000th unit of the lead V12 supercar.

Lamborghini Aventador: A gander at the 10,000th model

The 10,000th Lamborghini Aventador created is a SVJ Roadster. Shaking a dark and-red paint scheme.The SVJ Roadster’s inside completed in red and dark. It has tweaked by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam division. The achievement vehicle is gone to a purchaser situated in Thailand.

Strangely, while the Aventador being the zenith of Lamborghini’s model range. It took nine years to arrive at the 10,000-unit creation achievement. The Lamborghini Urus – presently the essential deals driver for the organization arrived at similar achievement in only two years’ time. The V10-engined Lamborghini Huracan turned into the brand’s best model till date before the end of last year. Outperforming the Gallardo (14,022 units delivered in ten years) in only five years’ time.

A glance back at the excursion of the Aventador

The Aventador made its reality debut at the Geneva engine show in 2011 as the LP700-4 Coupé, a full-blooded swap for the Murcielago. So, it got a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, pushrod suspension, a 700hp, 6.5-litreV12 motor and a 7-speed, mechanized single-grip gearbox.

Throughout the long term, Lamborghini extended the Aventador family by presenting S, Super Veloce (SV) and SVJ adaptations of its leader model, each accessible, similar to the LP700-4, in car or roadster structure. The Aventador was additionally the base for a line of uncommon version models, for example, the J Roadster, Veneno, Centenario, SC18 Alston and most as of late, the Sián FKP37.

What’s in store for the Aventador

Having been around however long it has, the Lamborghini Aventador is expected to be supplanted by an all-new model in the future time. Lamborghini has recently affirmed the Aventador’s replacement will have a half and half V12 powertrain. Another key detail is the Aventador’s substitution will discard the 7-speed ISR gearbox for another double grasp programmed, as a DCT may be “more reasonable” for an electric powertrain, as per Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani.

What Lamborghini has additionally affirmed is while it is chipping away at a half and half form of the Urus, it won’t put resources into a subsequent SUV model, and would rather favor including a fourth – and totally new – model line to its range.

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