Our drive with the Kia Seltos in north Goa was an important one. Any reason to go to Goa is normally welcome, yet not when you are there to drive the year’s most excitedly foreseen vehicle – and you land amidst a tornado getting substantial downpour and flooding its wake. In any case, fortunately for me, Ameya who was with me, Kia and the Seltos – that isn’t the reason I will recollect this drive. It is to a great extent in light of the fact that Kia has pretty much satisfied its guarantee of setting new benchmarks in the reduced SUV space. Both Ameya and I have gotten the opportunity to drive the Kia Seltos in its model stage – in Anantapur and South Korea individually. At the time we were both dazzled, yet the drives were vigorously banned and rather restricted. Yet, presently we have invested extensive energy with the Kia Seltos 1.4 GDI and 1.5 VGT.

The Kia Seltos is from multiple points of view the ideal vehicle for the organization to start its India innings. A reduced SUV with the styling, highlights and tech to truly hit the sweet spot the extent that what clients are searching for. That turns out to be doubly significant given how car deals have been tumbling off a precipice off late. The Seltos is arriving as Kia’s originally made in India vehicle and will be accessible in numerous variations. There are two trims on offer – Tech Line and GT Line, and every one of those will have 2 or 3 variations relying upon the motor kind. Also, that implies an aggregate of 16 variations on offer. The tech line is the more top of the line, modern trim maybe, while the GT Line is the sportier one. Thus the last gets embellishments as red strips in the front and back guard, and at the edges; and furthermore red hubcaps, front brake calipers, the GT Line badging on the grille and back (just as on the guiding wheel) a false scrape plate component on the front and back guards, and a particular double tone compound wheel design.

Kia Seltos
Kia Seltos

The grille however with its finished chrome grille encompass and gleaming back work design grille, LED day time running lights (DRLs) and taillamps, and a full LED headlamp group at the top end are basic to both. Just like the LED strip that takes the DRLs further along the highest point of the front grille practically right to the inside – as the vehicle’s nightime signature. This possibly goes ahead when the stopping or head lights are utilized. I am told the DRLs and LED taillights are standard crosswise over variations and both game Kia’s ‘hearbeat’ theme. The 1.4 oil programmed gets colossal ‘7 DCT’ badging high on the correct bumper – practically like the MG Hector’s ‘Web Inside’ identification. To me both are somewhat uproarious and crude!

The other thing I need to indicate out you is that all Seltos’ will likewise convey a BS6 identification on the back rear end, And that is on the grounds that not at all like numerous different producers who are professing to be BS6 ‘prepared’, Kia says all Seltos motors are BS6 agreeable from the very beginning. A few variations get a sunroof and rooftop rails are likewise standard. It has 8 shading alternatives with 5 double tone varieties included. Furthermore, the two-tone rooftop variations have either dark or orange differentiation choices. So implies a sum of 13 decisions choices in general.

Kia Seltos Interior
Kia Seltos Interior

The lodge on the Seltos is going to intrigue you for a few reasons. To begin with, it acquires a new intrigue as far as styling, design, highlights, capacities and contraptions without a doubt. What’s more, second, it sets new benchmarks for this section. You have a decent feeling of materials and plastics here. There’s a gigantic 10.2-inch screen in the top spec, which has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, route with a full screen or split presentation. And afterward there are a lot more capacities on the touchscreen. Setting off to the full menu, there is, obviously, tons to take you through, yet let me center truly around the one thing that is truly intrigued me – Smart Pure Air, an Inbuilt air purifier on this vehicle, that is the world’s first, says Kia. Furthermore, it’s unquestionably going to shake things up in light of the fact that correct now I am in an extraordinary domain, however normally in the greater part of our urban communities, that is extremely pertinent. It demonstrates to you the AQI perusing, additionally gives you a scent alternative, so you can have surrounding air, which is a truly elevated end vehicle highlight isn’t it. And afterward you got the back screen, so there is a little screen back here with a presentation, which lets you know again what the AQI perusing is and that is again pleasant for the individuals sitting in the back too to monitor it.

At that point you got the head-up presentation, well again that is something, that is a tremendous portion first, not all variations will have it clearly, yet it’s pleasant to have and its greater than the ones you jump on, state Mini. All things considered, again it springs up, much the same as this one. You’ve additionally got a 7-inch screen here, which has brilliant activity, great goals and again sets another benchmark in this section. Since it isn’t just huge, yet the sort of movement you see, and the data you get. You can see torque and turbo yields, there’s a compass, tire weight, live readings and you have the typical excursion PC settings like mileage, driving reach. You realize what’s going on with your vehicle. The driver data for your excursion, the majority of that data is there also. Presently, this is the GT line, this is the GTX, it is one underneath the GTX+, which means there are not many things that you don’t jump on this one, similar to situate ventilation however we’ll inform you regarding that somewhat later in the survey. In any case, having said that, since it’s the GT line you get dark insides, looks very pleasant and energetic, minimal red sewing components all around, and the GT line badging on the seats too, and the level base directing wheel with red sewing, GT line identification once more. A portion of the other basic components are the piano dark and dull metal completes that you see all around. So professional, and like I stated, something that will get a great deal of consideration and alarm a ton of the opponents.

Kia Seltos new Compact SUV
Kia Seltos new Compact SUV

Truly do you currently comprehend why we accept this vehicle will build up new benchmarks in the section? The Renault Duster and Captur, Mahindra XUV 500, Tata Harrier, MG Hector and even the dear of the section – the Hyundai Creta – will all appear to be dated or lacking by examination. In the event that looks and highlights weren’t sufficient to floor you the drivetrain alternatives will. The Seltos has 2 petroleum and one diesel choices from the word go. What’s more, as I disclosed to you as of now – they’re all BS6 consistent.

Kia has acquired three diverse drivetrains, each with programmed or manual, and three unique advancements on programmed too, a distinct advantage? Definitely! Outside of that, you likewise get an extremely propelled choice with the 1.4 GDI. Turbo GDI, and it’s combined with the DCT transmission. Presently, for what reason is that a major ordeal? Provided that you are one of the individuals who needs marginally sportier driving (moderately talking on a SUV), that is the mix that is going to offer it to you in light of the fact that not exclusively is it THE most responsive, it’s likewise the one that accompanies distinctive drive modes, so there’s Normal, Eco and Sport. So it is just the DCT GDI blend that gives you these distinctive drive modes, you likewise get diverse footing modes like Snow and Mud, however recall that is got nothing to do with the four-wheel-drive framework, that is impossible.

Over the Seltos go, one major chink in the Seltos’ reinforcement and this is unique in relation to the vehicle I drove as a model in Korea, is the directing. It’s sort of mellowed for India. In certain faculties I get that a great deal of Indian drivers will really like that, truly smooth and delicate. I for one would have enjoyed it to be a little stiffer like the vehicles I had driven. Having said that, that is again where the favorable position comes in on the GDI, with the DCT, with the drive modes once more. So you get the game mode, where things do solidify up a bit, and I very like the manner in which the controlling feels in game mode. In any case, the huge USP that is going to stick out and set benchmarks for the Seltos – ride, and taking care of. The dealing with isn’t awful for a vehicle of this size, shape and tallness. Yet, it’s the ride quality that is going to set new parameters of solace as far as what individuals will expect and what will dazzle a great deal of purchasers, including the individuals who will sit at the back.

The 1.4 GDI has an asserted mileage of 16.5 kmpl for the auto and 16.1 kmpl for the manual. The Seltos likewise gets a 1.5 liter oil too with 113 bhp. Furthermore, this gets the alternative of the 6-Speed manual or a CVT auto gearbox. We have not tried this vehicle, yet this is an attempted and tried engine from the Kia-Hyundai family. Guaranteed mileage comes in at 16.8 kmpl for the auto and 16.5 kmpl for the manual.

Some of what you see is the thing that you’d more often than not discover on premium or extravagance brand vehicles – so praise to Kia for getting this all. Presently the unavoidable issue is – will the majority of that cost a great deal? Well the dispatch isn’t so far away now, and we will discover how Kia is estimating this vehicle. There will be three contemplations I figure – the condition of the market and weight on deals, Kia’s perception to get off to a blockbuster begin in India, and where sister organization Hyundai will value its up and coming second era Creta – that while matching the Seltos will likewise share a great deal of its hardware, drivetrains and stage obviously. The current Creta begins at ₹ 10 lakh and goes up to ₹ 15.65 lakh . I anticipate that the Seltos should begin at ₹ 11 lakh and top off at ₹ 16 lakh.

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