Hyundai i20 scores 3-star Global NCAP safety rating

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The Hyundai i20 hatchback is one of the three vehicles that were crash tried in the most recent round by the Global NCAP, with the other two being the Hyundai Creta and the Toyota Urban Cruiser. Both Hyundai models have scored a normal 3-star wellbeing rating for both, grown-up and youngster inhabitance. We separate the Hyundai i20’s GNCAP wellbeing scores.

Just like the standard at GNCAP crash tests, the model tried was the passage level variation, and that implies it comes furnished with two airbags, ABS and front safety belt cautioning as standard.

The third-gen Hyundai i20 was presented in India in November 2020. Sitting in the top notch hatchback section, the i20 rivals any semblance of the Tata Altroz, Honda Jazz, Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the Toyota Glanza.

The i20 has scored 8.84 brings up (out of 17) in grown-up inhabitance, in this way getting a 3-star rating. The report appraised the bodyshell and footwell region as unsteady and not equipped for enduring further loads. The i20 additionally missed out focuses because of frail insurance to the driver’s chest and peripheral security to driver’s and traveler’s knees. Notwithstanding, head and neck insurance for both front tenants ran between satisfactory to great.

Regarding youngster inhabitance, the i20 got 36.89 brings up (out of 49). The i20 gets ISOFIX safe havens as standard and the kid limitation framework (CRS) also was very much positioned and checked. The report noticed that while it forestalled unnecessary positive headway, it missed out focuses because of unfortunate assurance to the kid’s neck area. Moreover, it just gets a lap belt for the back center seat.

The past age of the made-in-India i20 was crash tried by GNCAP in November 2018. And keeping in mind that the last-gen i20 additionally had a 3-star GNCAP wellbeing rating, it outstandingly had a higher score in grown-up inhabitance. Contrasted with the 8.84 focuses scored by the new i20, the past gen i20 had a score of 10.15 places in grown-up inhabitance. Kid inhabitance insurance has, in any case, seen a move forward, as the past gen i20 was simply ready to get a 2-star wellbeing rating, with 18.16 places.

As referenced previously, GNCAP has likewise crash tried the Hyundai Creta (3-stars) and the Toyota Urban Cruiser, the last option emerging with a more amazing 4-star wellbeing rating. Before this, GNCAP crash tried the Honda Jazz and fourth-gen Honda City, the two of which got a 4-star wellbeing rating. You can peruse more about them here. As of late, the smaller SUV team of the Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger likewise left away with a solid appearance of 4 stars from GNCAP.

All things considered, Global NCAP tests are set to get harder before very long. From July 2022, Global NCAP will refresh its trying cycle to factor in ESC and furthermore direct side effect and passerby insurance tests. The consideration of ESC is an extremely welcome move as it welcomes center around dynamic wellbeing (forestall a mishap) highlights.

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