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Fuel efficiency of Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara hybrid: expectation versus reality

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According to many people’s consideration, Maruti is one of the leading automobile companies that introduce Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara 2022 variants. This new latest arrival contains the first strong hybrid facilities and its commercial starts from 10.45 lakh. This car is the latest strong hybrid car with the outstanding facility, although its interior is a collaboration of two hybrid diesel engines with the choice of segment-exclusive and an all-wheel drive train for doing the mild hybrid MT variants.

The better innovation in such a strong hybrid orientation is that the fuel efficiency of this vehicle is amount to 27.97kmpl. That sounds much better than the rest of the unexplored strong hybrid versions. It is high time to ensure how can this outperforms its mechanical strength. Take a brief overview of the diverse range of mechanical properties.

  • Power-116 PS (combined)
  • Torque- 122 Nm
  • Gearbox- e-CVT
  • Declared fuel efficiency-27.97kmpl
  • Tested fuel efficiency in city-25.45 Kmpl      
  • Tested Fuel efficiency at the high way-.21.97 KMPL

The aforementioned list indicates that fuel efficiency makes a huge variation in the car while driving on roads and highways. The overall difference between city and highway is measured up to 4 KMPL. This difference makes a big difference in consumers’ decision power. The overall configuration of this vehicle hybrid and low rpm is this vehicle is controlled through the electric motor operation. In this way, the fuel efficiency is quite close to the declared efficiency of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara.

While you intend to launch the version to reach your destination, the car reaches its estimated high-speed verge. At this time, the petrol engines have completed their almost work. As a result, the fuel efficiency of cars decelerates to some extent. The happening of this incident changes the car news of its performance perspective and exceptional throughput to use less fuel volume.

As you compare the city and high-based driving conditions, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara feels up to get the efficiency up to 23.5 km. As one starts driving on the highway, the fuel efficiency can degrade up to 1 KMPL and vice versa. This new automobile becomes helpful to cover long distances even in a traffic signal. In short, you cannot find a world of difference between a city and a highway. Moreover, one can find a fuel tank capacity of up to 45 liters. It means that you can cover a large distance as a car engine can adapt to such huge fuel volume.

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