Evija is new name of Lotus Type 130 electric hypercar

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Lotus is set to disclose an electric hypercar in London on July 16, and we have quite recently taken in the vehicle’s name.

Recently known under its inner code name of Type 130, the hypercar has now been affirmed as the Evija. Lotus declared the new name on Thursday at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The name is articulated “Ee-vi-ya” and is obtained from an eastern European name generally signifying “the first in presence” or “the living one.” It likewise pursues Lotus’ inclination for marking its street vehicles with names beginning with the letter E.

Evija is new name of Lotus Type 130 electric hypercar
Evija is new name of Lotus Type 130 electric hypercar

“Evija is the ideal name for our new vehicle since it’s the first hypercar from Lotus, our first electric offering and is the principal new model under the stewardship of Geely,” Lotus CEO Phil Popham said in an announcement. “It will restore our image on the worldwide car stage and prepare for further visionary models.”

Scarcely any insights regarding the electric hypercar have been uncovered, however Lotus has affirmed that only 130 are bound to be fabricated, each imaginable telling a 7-figure sticker price. Generation will be taken care of at Lotus’ central station in Hethel, United Kingdom, and conveyances will begin in 2020. A secret photograph discharged a month ago demonstrates the board that covers the vehicle’s charging port.

The Evija is being created to help reestablish Lotus’ picture as a veritable option to Porsche and Ferrari, which aren’t required to have unadulterated electric models accessible until the center of the following decade. New parent organization Geely is purportedly spending as much as $2 billion on future improvements at Lotus, including conceivably expanding its stake in the British firm from the current 51 percent. The rest of claimed by Malaysia’s Etika Automotive.

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