Electric Jeep Hexagon is Build for Extreme Polar Expeditions

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It may sound sort of a bad situation to be in, but actually , everyone on board had volunteered to be there. That’s because the MOSAiC expedition. A multinational effort that spanned over 389 days and involved nearly 450 experts from 20 countries and a budget of $170 million, is perhaps one of—if not the—most important research project missions organized lately.

MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) expedition on-board the fashionable research icebreaker went on for a year from September 2019 to October 2020 – operating within the North Pole . The motive was to deploy sensors and monitoring stations in a neighborhood spanning 30 miles. With the thought of getting a deeper insight into the Arctic climate system. Just picture a scenario where the researchers need to reach one among the remote servers for repair, and therefore the inclement climate don’t allow air commute via a helicopter. In such a situation, a reliable, electric four-wheeler are going to be the thanks to go.

The Hexagon Jeep by Gwi Design is made for such future expeditions, where the highly hostile conditions demand a stellar off-roader. the electrical Jeep adopts a hexagon design geometry since it’s proven to be one among the foremost robust known shapes. The vehicle’s namesake, a jeep, is justified by the colossal ground clearance for the hostile terrain of the region. The approach and departure angles of the Hexagon Jeep make complete sense too. To form the ride as smooth as possible for the researchers, it’s independent shock absorbers. The vehicle comes with removable battery packs on the rear, which may be swapped for charged ones in a moment .

Electric Jeep Hexagon
Electric Jeep Hexagon

Being an EV, the Jeep Hexagon also gets the equivalent of a pair of jerrycans: two removable battery packs at the rear which will be removed and replaced with charged ones during a matter of seconds (or hours, if you are not the gym-going type). Finally, one other feature would be the headlights which will be detached and used as a torchlight. Pretty neat, but only until somebody loses the torch and you’ve got to repel within the middle of the night with no lights.

But ditch all that the most feature of the Jeep Hexagon rendering is its design, and that is something you cannot fault. It’s sort of a combination between a GMC Hummer EV and therefore the Warthog from Halo, with a touch of Jeepness added on top. It isn’t a nasty combination and definitely not a vehicle we might mind seeing on the paths or at the North Pole or at soccer training.

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