All New Cadillac Celestiq flagship EV debuts with 600hp

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Cadillac has uncovered the new Celestiq luxury EV as its new leader model, in front of the vehicle’s production in December 2023. It is the American carmaker’s second EV, following the Lyriq SUV. Every unit of the Celestiq EV will be uniquely designed and Cadillac says that costs will begin upwards USD 3,00,000 (around Rs 2.46 crore) before purchaser explicit customization and choices.

The creation spec Celestiq looks practically indistinguishable from the idea that was shown a couple of months prior and offers specific components like the in an vertically oriented tail-lights with the Lyriq SUV. The Celestiq has a long rooftop and a slanting roofline, and the profile is without entryway handles; all things being equal, it highlights buttons on the B-support point to operate the door.

For the Celestiq plans, Cadillac has utilized high end design materials, including 3D-printed parts and more than 300 parts from a flex manufacture process into which metal sheets can be collapsed in the ideal shape. Moreover, it likewise gets a grille and front bumper made from aluminum.

Within, the best features of the Celestiq is the 55-inch display that runs the length of the dashboard. It is really comprised of two screens that share a solitary glass sheet. The presentation towards the driver’s side is partitioned into the infotainment touchscreen and instrument cluster, while the traveler side touchscreen can be utilized to ride the web and play media content. In addition, there’s likewise a 11-inch touchscreen between the front tenants to control different elements of the vehicle like environment control.

The Celestiq based on General Motors‘ Ultium Stage and gets a 111kWh battery pack. It sends capacity to two electric engines whose consolidated power yield is 600hp and 868Nm. Cadillac says the Celestiq can go from 0-96kph in 3.8sec and has an expected driving scope of 483km on a full charge. As far as charging, the vehicle upholds 200kW DC quick charging, which can give 126km of reach in the wake of connecting for only 10 minutes.

Cadillac will construct the Celestiq at GM’s Global Technical Centre in Warren, Michigan, USA, where just six vehicles will be gathered at a time. As referenced previously, the Celestiq will go into production in December 2023. When sent off, it will take on luxury EVs like the Mercedes-Benz EQS and the upcoming BMW i7, and, surprisingly, super-luxury vehicles like the Bentley Flying Spur and the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

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