Audi signs Peterhansel, Sainz and Ekstrom for Dakar entry 2022

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Both 14-time victor Peterhansel and triple boss Sainz have been poached from the effective Mini crew run by X-attack. While Ekstrom has been a piece of Audi crease for practically the sum of his expert motorsport vocation. The triplet will be answerable for creating and testing the electric 4×4 model that Audi has been planning for over a year in a joint effort with Q Motorsport, drove by X-attack supervisor Sven Quandt.

The vehicle drives on electric force, yet the battery is re-energized by a burning motor got from Audi’s currently outdated DTM program. “It’s no misrepresentation to discuss a ‘fantasy group’,” said Julius Seebach, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH.

Stephane is the best Dakar driver ever. Carlos is a different Dakar victor and World Rally champion. With Mattias, we previously commended numerous Audi achievements before. He is one of the world’s most flexible drivers. “Notwithstanding a great deal of speed, they are for the most part adding a limit measure of ability and inspiration to our group. The equivalent goes for their co-drivers, who assume an undeniably significant part in the Dakar Rally.”

Audi’s electric Dakar racer

The 2022 Dakar Rally will see the presentation of an all-new T1-E class for low-fossil fuel byproduct models. Furthermore, this is the class where Audi will make its Dakar debut. The maker has been working with Q Motorsport to foster an electric rough terrain model for this new classification.

The racer will take its force from an electric engine mated to a high-voltage battery, with a turbocharged petroleum motor filling in as a “exceptionally productive energy converter”. Generally, the ignition motor will go about as a reach extender gadget, beating up the battery pack as required while the race is in progress.

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