Nissan has at last presented an auto gearbox for the Kicks, and the design offered is a CVT (ceaselessly factor transmission) matched to a 1.3-liter super petroleum motor. At costs going between Rs 13.45 and 14.15 lakh (ex-display area, India), it is accessible just in mid-spec variations, instructing a premium of Rs 1.50-1.60 lakh over its manual partners.

The 1.3-liter super petroleum accompanies a great resume – it has been co-created by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and Daimler. It even offers a portion of its cutting edge designing with the Nissan GT-R supercar; and it delivers a class-best 156hp and 254Nm of force. Also, it sparkles in reality too with its perfection, direct force conveyance and responsiveness. Its wide force spread from as low as 1,600rpm and solid mid-range execution easily handles shooting into traffic holes, cruising at expressway paces or overwhelming quick vehicles.


  • Strong Performance
  • Smooth automatic


  • Missing features
  • Interiors do not feel premium

The seven-venture CVT supplements this motor well. It is an instinctive transmission which keeps the motor turning ideally to guarantee there’s consistently execution accessible on tap. Generally it plays out its obligations easily; notwithstanding, while at the same time easing back down to creeping speeds, it every so often gets jerky when progressing to its least advance. What’s pleasant is that the consecutive mode offers manual control – it reacts well to inputs and obliges with forceful downshifts for solid motor slowing down.

The Nissan Kicks CVT will abandon every one of its adversaries in a 0-60kph traffic signal run (with a reasonable piece of force steer). Nonetheless, its Korean adversaries are a lot speedier in a moving race or in level out quickening.

There’s another motor stop/start include on offer, which flawlessly turns off the motor while sitting, and will restart the motor naturally when you discharge the brake in ‘D’. Generally speaking, this motor is very refined, however you can feel vibrations inside the lodge out of gear when the AC blower kicks in. Additionally, as the fires up ascension, the transmission cries a reasonable piece.

Since it is based on a similar extreme stage as the Renault Duster, the Nissan feels undaunted over the harshest of street conditions. Indeed, even at roadway speeds, it stays steady and secure, and it’ll even alter course with a serious level of certainty. Its controlling is lighter than the active diesel’s, however it actually communicates a reasonable piece of stuns while going over harsh areas or while cornering hard.

Its outside and inside styling are unaltered, and there’s not so much as an identification to recognize this super form from the 1.5-liter normally suctioned petroleum that is sold close by. Its lodge looks slick, yet the insides don’t feel as premium as you’d expect in a vehicle that costs over Rs 17 lakh on street. Additionally, being a mid-spec variation, it passes up a great opportunity a few highlights, similar to a sunroof, auto headlamps, and side and blind airbags, which are normal in this segment.\

Regardless of bragging top tier motor specs, the Nissan Kicks Turbo programmed’s exhibition isn’t especially remarkable. And keeping in mind that it is less expensive than the super forms of its Korean opponents, it actually doesn’t appear to be acceptable incentive for cash as it comes up short on the general artfulness and nature of the Koreans, and furthermore misses a few highlights. A tight vendor organization and helpless brand review don’t help its case by the same token.

In any case, in the event that you’ve generally adored the Renault Duster for its intense development and develop driving habits, however needed something a smidgen more premium and present day, the Nissan Kicks is for you. Its super petroleum motor is smooth, truly drivable and easy to understand, and the new CVT programmed makes the Kicks simpler to drive.

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