All New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven revealed as tribute to 1970’s C111 prototype

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The Vision One-Eleven concept, which Mercedes-Benz describes as “a progressive interpretation of a ’70s brand icon,” has been unveiled.

The new two-seat hypercar pays homage to the company’s experimental C111, of which 16 examples were produced over two generations for various tests and development programmes during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It features a dramatic monolithic exterior design, gullwing doors, and a flamboyant cockpit with silver upholstery.

Mercedes has produced a number of One-Eleven accessories to commemorate the new idea, including a weekend bag, sunglasses, a hoodie, a cap, and a smartphone case, all of which contain the wording “Limited Edition 1 of 111.”

Powertrain for the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The Vision One-Eleven is powered by a battery with liquid-cooled cylindrical cells and innovative cell chemistry created for use by Mercedes-AMG’s UK-based Formula 1 division, as well as two rear-mounted axial-flux electric motors from British company Yasa. The idea also hints at the advancements in electric drivetrains that Mercedes has planned for its next electric sports vehicles.

The German manufacturer has not disclosed the power or range numbers for its most recent design-driven prototype, but it has stated that its specially designed drivetrain “has the potential to take electric mobility to a new level of performance and efficiency.”

“The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven explores new paths for the future of performance,” stated Markus Schafer, chief technology officer. It has a powerful output akin to that in motorsport.

Mercedes and Yasa are developing axial-flux motors for mass production. These motors offer greater power and torque density than current radial-flux motors, and because of their narrow shape, they offer significant packaging advantages.

Design by Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The One-Eleven’s style blends advanced aerodynamic features and details with clean surfaced body forms and a flush-fitting glass canopy. These features heavily reference the C111 series. With a bluff nose section that features a pixelated grille with round headlamps and is highlighted by a sizable carbon-fiber splitter, the low-set front end evokes the appearance of the previous C111 prototypes.

The One-Eleven has three air intakes just behind the headlamps as a result of its overt concentration on aerodynamic efficiency. Along with this, there are two air vents and a windscreen with a 70-degree rake that forms the front portion of the roof.

Wide carbon fibre sills located inside the wheelbase work with wind-cheating “blade” components and vents behind the doors to direct cool air towards the motors at the back.

The car’s body has a smooth finish and is rounded substantially, including the wheel arches that house the 275/35 R22 and 315/30 R22 wheels at the front and rear, respectively. The long gullwing doors’ prominently curved side panels rise up to allow simple access to the interior.

Interior of a Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The two seats’ squabs are built into the interior floor, and the pedals, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and seatbacks can all be adjusted to put the driver in a position that is comparable to that of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar when driving.

With brushed aluminium dashboard surrounds and a central touchscreen display that runs Mercedes’ most recent MBUX software and can be expanded with augmented reality features, the pixelated theme is carried over into the interiors as well.

The One-Eleven has a striking colour scheme thanks to the orange leather, white cloth, and silver upholstery on the seats.

Indicating the possible duality of future AMG EV flagships, the tiny housing of the electric motors at the back also makes room for a sizable baggage shelf.

EVs from Mercedes-Benz in India

Mercedes-Benz now offers the EQB and EQS as electric vehicles for sale in India. The former comes in two variations: the totally imported EQS 53 AMG and the locally manufactured EQS 580.

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