All New Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup revealed

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Ford had uncovered its arrangements to foster an all-electric F 150 pickup truck in 2018. In accordance with this, the American carmaker had exhibited a model of the electric truck in 2019, showing the great towing limit of the vehicle. Ford has now at long last taken the wraps off the all-electric F-150, denoting the electric change of America’s top of the line get truck.

Initiated F-150 Lightning, the electric get truck is accessible in three variations Platinum, Lariat, and XLT. The conveyances will begin by spring 2022 yet the American carmaker has uncovered practically every one of the insights regarding the get truck.

EV powertrain choices

The Ford F-150 Lightning accompanies a front-and back mounted electric engine, putting out a joined 426hp (318 kilowatts) in the SR. With the ER variation getting 563hp (420 kW). So, the two designs make 1,051Nm.

The F-150 Lightning accompanies two lithium-particle battery pack choices. With the Ford level unit focusing on 370km of driving reach and the all-encompassing reach battery EPA-assessed at 483km. While Ford has not uncovered the battery unit’s definite limit. The organization says this is the greatest battery pack that they have offered in a creation electric vehicle.

Ford F-150 Lightning charging choices

Two kinds of on-board AC chargers will be accessible relying upon the variation chose. Variations with the standard reach battery will get a 11.3 kW single charger, while the ones with the all-encompassing reach battery will get a double charger with up to 19.2 kW. The F-150 Lightning with the standard reach battery pack will be offered with a discretionary 48A house charger. This will charge the battery from 15 to 100% in around 10 hours. The greater expanded reach battery pack-outfitted models will accompany the double charger. This can plug into a 80A house charger and go from 15 to 100% in around 8 hours.

The F-150 Lightning will require 41 minutes to charge from 15 to 80 percent by means of a 150kW DC public quick charger. A savvy range programming on the F-150 Lightning conveys ideal reach that is determined by means of sensors that assistance the framework gauge how much the truck is pulling and change its distance to discharge expectation appropriately.

Ford has likewise chipped away at the Intelligent Range programming that shows the leftover driving reach considering things like payload and towing for a more precise forecast. Utilizing the truck’s sensors, the framework can assess how much the F-150 Lightning is pulling and change its forecast appropriately. Furthermore, the F-150 Lightning additionally accompanies a reinforcement power framework that can utilize the energy put away in its battery for driving home during a blackout.


In any case, the F-150 Lightning feels like a bizarre, practically enormous course remedy. As Ford made mass-market burning motor cars conceivable route back in the mid twentieth century. Squashed the soonest endeavors at electric vehicles simultaneously. Maybe now, with this new electric truck, it can help influence the situation the other way.

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