All New Abarth 1000 SP one-off concept revealed

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In 1966, Milan engineer Mario Colucci planned the 1000 Sport Prototipo, perhaps the best vehicle ever. It was a lightweight and amazing insect dependent on a rounded undercarriage with a moderate plan and a little four-chamber motor. It caused a ripple effect in Europe regardless of the extremely restricted creation of only a couple models.

To commend the 55th commemoration of the vehicle and to reexamine the triumphant recipe for the 21st century, Abarth has quite recently uncovered the 1000 SP one-off. It follows a similar fundamental plan language yet with a cutting edge contort guaranteeing better optimal design and improved ergonomics. Abarth says the extraordinary model regards the first’s three key plan standards – daintiness of structures, optimal design, and drivability.

Abarth 1000 SP: what’s going on here?

The Abarth 1000 SP (Sport Prototipo) is an oddball reverence to the vehicle that made its presentation 55 years prior and won the Nürburgring 500km in 1966.

It was at first intended to contend in both, perseverance races and hillclimbs and delighted in progress as in different motorsport disciplines.

The retro-styled idea appears as a fair sized sportscar and is bigger than the first, however it includes a few gestures to the first plan. Delicacy, spryness and streamlined proficiency were vital to the style.

“The Abarth 1000 SP echoes the lines and stylish attributes of its precursor,” said Alfa Romeo. “The twisted body, with the delicate surfaces of the bumpers featuring the situation of the wheels, takes up the example of the arachnid with a focal motor.”

“The cockpit coating highlights molded side redirectors, with their profile brought down towards the move bar, the last stringently ‘in see’ to feature our being within the sight of a no nonsense creepy crawly.”

Engine and mechanicals

It is fueled by a similar 1.7-liter, four-chamber turbocharged petroleum motor delivering 243hp, that included in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. The idea is developed around a carbon-fiber and aluminum body, which is likewise taken from the 4C roadster, highlighting covering triangle suspension with MacPherson swaggers in the back.

It’s not known whether the 1000 SP will be seen on a circuit any time soon, yet Alfa Romeo said it will show up at some undisclosed occasions zeroing in on vintage vehicles in the not so distant future.

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