It was uncovered in December that the Romeo Ferraris would not remain in WTCR for a third season in 2020, having arrived at the resolution that it has arrived at the full advancement capability of the Giulietta.

The outfit rather chose to concentrate its endeavors on the new ETCR arrangement for which it is building up an electric adaptation of the Giulia cantina model.

Nonetheless, with the WTCR introducing another cost-accommodating schedule that highlights just European occasions, including the season finale at Romeo Ferraris’ home market in Italy, the crew has now taken a U-turn on its choice to stop the arrangement.

“Toward the finish of last season, we were going to sell the two Giuliettas that hustled in WTCR 2019, however the deal didn’t appear thus the vehicles are available to us once more,” Michela Cerruti, Operations Manager at Romeo Ferraris told Autosport.

“So we lounged around a table to take a gander at one another’s appearances and stated, ‘why not exploit them?’

“It’s a thought that has been on our psyches for two or three weeks at this point.

“We’ve been taking a gander at various issues and there are grounds to accept the open door that the new WTCR schedule gives us, which as we probably am aware will just spat Europe.

“Additionally the way that just because an occasion of the arrangement will occur in Italy, on the new track of Adria, has propelled us, pondering all the fans who have consistently asked us when they could find in real life the Giuliettas of the WTCR in Italy.

“Today we should attempt to discover the assets, which right now most would agree we don’t have yet.”

Cerruti said that Romeo Ferraris has just begun the driver choice procedure for its arranged two-vehicle ambush in WTCR, however conceded that the group would need to consider drives who accompany a spending plan because of the flow money related atmosphere.

“We will positively not give the vehicle to simply anyone,” she said.

“Aside from the monetary perspective, we are keen on drivers who are equipped for working expertly and who are additionally quick.

“Our reality is brimming with experts who are joined by organizations and patrons who bolster them. We have made a few studies for the two seats accessible.”

Cerruti said that the arrival of Romeo Ferraris to WTCR would have no effect on the advancement of its ETCR vehicle, with the two projects running autonomous of one another.

“We generally have the ETCR venture set up, yet they are two projects running in equal and one doesn’t influence the other as far as assets,” she clarified.

“I might want to make this extremely understood in light of the fact that I think it is essential to recognize the fields, the dedication in one program doesn’t decrease the responsibility in others.

“Rather, the open door is absolutely to make a connection between the areas, so to the drivers who have faith in the WTCR venture we will likewise offer a test and a program with Giulia ETCR, when it is prepared”.

Romeo Ferraris completed seventh in the groups standings’ last year, with Ma Qinghua conveying its sole triumph of the period in the third race at Slovakia.

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