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Abarth 500e revealed as the brand’s first EV

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Abarth reveals that 500e is the brand’s first EV and has been introduced with many highlighting features, like:

  • It will receive a 42kWh battery which will increase its efficiency 
  • Of all the models released, the Abarth 500e is the first EV that offers a connected car tech.

The most basic thing that everyone checks before taking a car is their performance on the road and off the road. So, 500e has a 42kWh battery which is identical to other Fiats, but 500e will receive a bit less range due to a more increased tuning of its electric motor. Along with this, the car has been installed with an 85KW fast-charging type which will help it in going from empty to 80 per cent in not more than thirty-five minutes. 500e has been claimed to be a more responsive version of the cars launched by Abarth, and it produces 155 hp and 235 Nm of torque, which is a total increase of 16 hp and 15Nm when compared to its Fiat counterpart. The 500e can achieve a goal of 0-100 k/ph in 7 seconds which is 2 seconds faster when compared to the older model Fiat 500 Electric. 

Another very important feature that the manufacturers have confirmed is the better handling of 500e over its petrol siblings, the 595 and 695, in terms of artificial petrol engine-aping soundtrack, which will help in turn-in response and higher corner exit speeds.

The CEO of Fiat and Abarth said: “The new Abarth 500e is one of the most exciting launches in the history of the brand: a great new addition to the Abarth line-up. I like to think of it as family, so our fanbase will be involved in every step of our electrification journey.”

The Abarth 500e will be a model which is similar to its Fiat siblings as it offers a hatchback and convertible body. Along with this, it will receive wider, lower-side skirts, a squared front end, and a subtle rear lip. Along with this 500e, a standard kit includes a rear parking camera, a 7.0-inch digital instrument cluster, a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, and a JBL speaker system. It is offered with a wheelbase of approximately 24mm longer and a track of 60mm wider than its Fiat siblings; it has been topped up by a lower centre of gravity due to the under-floor battery. 

It is the first ever product manufactured by Abarth that comes with Uconnect services, which is connected car technology that gives its drivers real-time information and onboard security which can be easily managed by Fiat’s mobile app. 

So, you must stay tuned with us to know much more exciting news about this car. 

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