A New Electric car platform to be developed by Hyundai Group


Hyundai bunch is intending to think of another stage in the following two years which will bring forth the up and coming electric autos of Hyundai, Kia Motors and Genesis. As per worldwide news reports, the Korean carmaker is structuring another stage from the scratch which will concentrate on supporting the B and C section vehicles. At present, all the electric vehicles of the Hyundai gathering, for example, the Niro and Kona EV depend on their separate customary models.

New platform to be developed by Hyundai Group

Conjecturing a higher interest for electric vehicles in future, Hyundai and Kia are intending to incorporate 38 electric or energized autos over their portfolio by 2025 and 14 of them will be completely electric. Hyundai meanwhile will likewise deal with the energy component vehicles, for example, the Nexo. Configuration has been one of the key qualities of Hyundai and the key focal point of the architects at the firm will be to make electric vehicles engaging and progressively worthy. To some degree like the autos we have today.

Hyundai, Kia and Genesis will, obviously, utilize the stage to build up their own models. While cross-badging inside the gathering will be especially pervasive, all models are probably going to be more bespoke than what we are accustomed to finding in the present models of the gathering.


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