2022 Ferrari F171 to be powered by a V6

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Ferrari is resolved about keeping the V-12 alive for as far as might be feasible. In any case, that doesn’t mean hybridization is off the table. We as of now have vehicles like the LaFerrari and SF90, the two of which are half and halves. However, while those have a V-12 and a V-8, separately, what’s coming next may astonish you. we as of late got spy shots of the forthcoming mid-motor Ferrari. The venture is named F-171, and its half and half powertrain is based on the fresh out of the box new’s twin-super V-6 unit.

Codenamed F171, the new Ferrari will follow the SF90 Stradale as Maranello’s next half breed supercar. While the Italian brand has been hush-hush about the vehicle’s advancement up until now, it is perceived to highlight a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 motor with a solitary electric engine for cross breed power.

In any case, what separates it is that the F171 will be back tire drive just, instead of the SF90’s all-wheel-drive format. Likewise with the SF90, the new model will offer restricted electric-just running, despite the fact that it will not be a far reaching module half breed framework. A previous model of the new half and half was seen utilizing an intensely changed LaFerrari case, however the most recent one highlights modified creation bodywork, including counterfeit exhaust pipes at the back.

It’s likewise being said that the cross breed V6 powertrain will likewise be found in the impending Purosangue SUV. Alongside the Purosangue, the new half and half is probably going to be entrusted with assisting with extending Ferrari’s range and line-up, and will promote the brand’s jolt program.

Utilizing the new more modest V-6 unit is the following stage towards unadulterated charge, despite the fact that it’s still a few years away. All things considered, Ferrari focuses on 60% hybridization by 2022.

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