10 Amazing Tesla Car features that you don’t get in regular cars

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Tesla’s vehicles are popular among the people like no other with the unique CEO and his impressive presence on Twitter. Not following the orthodox methods to sell the car includes no advertising and dealerships. Do you want an EV Tesla car? Then, order the car electric car online. We go ahead to rundown the Tesla car features. What makes this car worth buying it? 

  • Single Screen Control Mode: Model 3 and Y of Tesla cars are available with sparse interiors. Single screen control is present in the car. It allows you to take control of the car in just one touch. No such cars have such a control system with one touchscreen feature mode.  
  • Autopilot mode available: Autopilot mode has been available in the Tesla cars since 2015. It is an extra feature for the car owner for which they have to pay hefty fees. Most of these features have been included in the Tesla basic security system. If you want to upgrade your Tesla car, pay the upgrade price of $10K (approx).  
  • Supercharging: Tesla has created its supercharging network for the Tesla car owners exclusive. Supercharging facilities is available in the countries where the Tesla car has sold. Therefore, car owners don’t need to struggle everywhere to look for the charging points to charge their Tesla cars.  
  • Defense Mode Bioweapon: It is a safe and handy mode that became useful in the western US forest fires in 2020. This Tesla car feature is available only in the S and X models of the car. These two cars of the Tesla model contain HEPA filtration system that turns on automatically in the car for providing a safe breathing environment inside the car. 
  • Dog Mode: Do you have the dogs with you? Still, it isn’t easy to manage them in the car. Tesla has the dog mode feature that keeps the car temperature cool when the dog is inside it. The dog does not feel hot when the car is parked at an overheated place. There will be a voice note continuously coming telling the owner will be back soon. 
  • Streaming to YouTube, Hulu & Netflix: You can stream your favorite shows on YouTube and Netflix. Don’t get excited with these features in the car. The car needs to park at someplace where you can stream your favorite programs on Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. 
  • Frunk: Tesla created a concept of frunk by combining trunk and front. People are getting the extra charging points in the front compartment of the car. Tesla is coming up with its Model S in which you can get the extra cargo space in the hood where the engines used to be there. 
  • Karaoke session: Get more entertainment in the car with the karaoke sessions in your Tesla car. The lyrics of your favorite songs start appearing on the screen while the car is parked at a particular place.  
  • Superfast acceleration: Model S of tesla car features come with the exciting super-fast acceleration mode in the car. The car can take the speed from 60 mph to 200 mph taking only two seconds. It happens with the plaid activation in the car of the Tesla Model S series. 
  • Sentry mode keep away intruders: Almost all the cars have a security system but not like Tesla, i.e. the sentry mode. Someone comes to your car for too long and stands near it. Then, the car camera starts making a recording of that person. Car is doing the recording when classical music starts playing, and messages appear on the screen. It is the most effective way to keep your car away from intruders.

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